Redefine your new tab

Infinity new tab is one of the world's most popular browser extensions, which can not only beautify your home page, but also effectively improve productivity

Easily manage popular websites

Quickly add common Website Icons, Color, size and layout can be customized freely, Make the new tab clear at a glance

Icon Folder

Use folders to manage icons in groups, open multiple common sites with one click, and bid farewell to chaos

Work efficiency improvement tools

Use notes and to-do items at any time to record and manage various tasks

Selected HD Wallpaper

The built-in massive HD Wallpaper source can be set to switch regularly to make the new tab pleasing to the eye

More features
Cloud Backup Cloud backup enables multi terminal data synchronization, allowing you to maintain a consistent experience of infinity at all times.
Weather Check the weather status at any time to give you more advice and guarantee for your travel.
Bookmark By classifying and managing your bookmarks, you can also become a careful bookmark management expert.
History The historical visit records are clear at a glance, which is convenient for you to review and sort out easily.
Comments from users around the world on infinity
I'm Not here
There is nothing better than this fast access tool that has helped 7 years on this old computer and 1 year my new computer!!!!
Lee Cherokee
I few write a rate, but this extension I have used for long that I have to tell everyone: It's quite perfect among all these "tabs" things.
Haozheng Li
This .crx is really awesomeeeee!! It is useful and I love it so much! Thx for Infinity!

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